Sanitary sewage and drinking water treatment projects

“Our future is in our village” initiative

Within the framework of protecting the health of Egyptians, the Association pursues to fight sources of pollution that may cause cancer through a collaboration protocol with the Holding Company for Drinking and Sewage water. According to the protocol the Association bears the cost of the following projects:


First: sanitary sewage project in the Green Island


These projects aim to establish sanitary sewage networks in the villages of: (Meghezal Tower – Ezbat Alsokary – the Green Island – Abu Khashaba)

The villages’ population in 2017 is 34,855, it will reach 47,224 by 2037. It is expected to reach 64,271 by 2057

These projects include the establishment of:

  • Three elevation stations
  • Slope networks: 40 kilometers
  • Ejector lines: 6 kilometers

The total cost of the projects is 250 million pounds

The specified duration for the projects in case of the availability of financial resources is two years.

Presently, the rate of completion of the projects is 30%


Second: sanitary sewage project in Suhag, Alkola village


The project aims to establish a complete sewage network for Alkola village, Suhag Governorate, Akhmim Center, and will serve 300 houses

The project cost is 100,000,000 Egyptian pounds divided to:

  • Elevation station including (civil work – mechanical work – electricity work)
  • slope networks and ejector lines

The project is currently at 75% complete. It is expected to be completed and running by February 2020


Third: “developing 100 needy villages” initiative


The project started on April, 2017, after signing a cooperation protocol with the Holding Company for Drinking and Sewage water. The project aims to extend connections to houses in 94 villages of which main connections and elevation stations were funded by our brothers in the Emirates.

The houses sewage connections are completed in Suhag (Kalfaw, Alsalaa and Nage Khatib villages) and Elmenya (Awlad Sheikh Aly, Kafr Mahdi, Sengreg, Masarat Mallawi and South Mallawi villages). Work is in progress in other villages.


Fourth: drinking water projects


The Association is establishing a mobile drinking water station to dispense 30 liter/second, to serve 50,000 persons in the villages of  Abu Deyab East and West and 22 hamlets in Deshna Center, Qena Governorate.

Works include

  • Civil works
  • Mechanical works, pumps and stopcocks
  • Electrical works
  • The project’s total cost is 30 million pounds

The project is currently 90% complete, and expected to be launched by the end of 2019