Electronic Payment Com.

Electronic Payment Companies .. Provide you with ease and security in donating to the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative (AFNCI)

Within the cooperation between Election Payment Companies (Fawry – Masary – Damen – Bee – Vodafone Cash – Aman) for information technology and electronic payments AFNCI,You can use the electronic collection services of electronic payment companies to obtain your donations and deposit them in the association’s account. This channel can be used in the collection channels of companies, which include 1000 ATMs of banks participating in the electronic payment service and electronic collection points available in pharmacies, supermarkets and Egyptian post offices from the channels shared in the service.

You can donate to one of the places marked with (Fawry – Masary – Damen – Bee – Vodafone Cash – Aman) as follows:

  • Pharmacies.
  • Bookshops.
  • Retail shops and Supermarkets.
  • Post offices.

For more information please call 19663