Blood donation

Cancer patients may often need blood and components transfusion during treatment. Hence the Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI pursues to afford safe blood for patients for free through compiling a database for blood donors with different blood types and making the database available for patients. Moreover they organize blood donation campaigns and promote improving blood collection services in the hospitals and national institutes working in the field of cancer:

  1. The National Cancer Institute
  2. Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 (Cairo and Tanta)
  3. Ain Shams University Hospitals
  4. Cairo University Hospitals
  5. The Egyptian Red Crescent

Procedures that should be followed during blood donation, blood and blood components donation is organized through certain stages to select proper donor depending on the following instructions:

  1. The donor fills the blood donation form that includes:
    • Donor’s data and contact information to be able to contact him
    • Donor’s medical history that may affect his blood donation

  3. The stage of medical check and revising the donor’s medical history by one of the campaign’s trained doctors, which is considered the last stage in selecting the proper donor
    • The medical history must contain no reason to prevent blood donation
    • The age should be 18:60
    • Blood pressure should be 120/80
    • Hemoglobin ratio should be no less than 12 gm to guaranty donor’s safety and blood quality

  5. The blood donation stage, should be on a special chair equipped for donor’s safety, the tools used must be sterilized and being used only once to guaranty donor’s safety

  7. The donor should be able to leave the donation place after drinking juice

  9. The stage of testing donor’s samples in specialized laboratories and the donor should be contacted to tell him the tests results and the proper time for donation

To participate call 19663 and register

You can donate by choosing one of the different kinds listed below