On-going Sadaka


On-going Sadaka is what people donate out of their revenues for the benefit of a charitable institution such as AFNCI. These donations are spent to cover cancer patients’ treatment expenses, maintenance expenses of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), NCI’s new clinics or the cost of medical equipment. The rewards of on-going Sadaka remain even after the death of the donor. Referring to Prophet Mohammed hadith: When a man dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (on-going charity);  knowledge which is beneficial, or a virtuous descendant who prays for him (for the deceased). The ongoing charity is divided into two parts:

General ongoing charity:

Donating an amount of money with no minimum or maximum limits, to cover the cost of facilities, equipment or regular expenses

Naming Opportunity:

On-going Sadaka at AFNCI is linked to a familiar concept in fundraising titled “Naming Opportunity” which is the concept of honoring important people by naming areas or equipment or programs after them. At AFNCI, the donor selects an area, room or an equipment in 57357, the NCI’s new clinics, the clinical pharmacy of Al-Ismailia tumor hospital or Ahmed Maher Hospital or any of the hospitals we work with, to be named after him for a specified donation value. This value is estimated according to the cost of the area with respect of the total cost of the facility, the cost of operating and maintaining the area, and the superiority of its location.

In recognition and gratitude for his gift, the name of the donor or any family member of his choice alive or deceased will be put on a plaque at the selected area/ equipment. A legal contract is signed with the donor to protect his rights with respect to the contract agreement for as long as the Hospital exists.

How does the ongoing charity/naming opportunity work

A contract will be signed after choosing the type of charity and paying a down payment with the remainder to be paid in installments over a specified time period not longer than 2 years. Plaques are placed close to the chosen area or equipment location with the specified wording the donor wishes. The plaque is a long-term acknowledgement of the donor’s generosity.


You can donate by choosing one of the different kinds listed below