Endoscopies hospital in Altagamoa Al-Awal

  • Equipping the day-care surgery hospital (endoscopies clinic in Altagamoa Al-Awal)

Back in 2010, realizing that one of the two towers of NCI’s complex needed structural reinforcement, the NCI administration displaced some of the services offered at this tower to the other one. The Association was asked to provide all possible assistance to facilitate cancer patients’ access to medical care. AFNCI sponsored the construction and equipment of out-patient clinic facility and a day-care surgery hospital in Altagamo Al-Awal for a cost of one and half million pounds. The Hospital receives patients who need endoscopy, minor surgeries or radiotherapy.

  • Providing transportation for patients and workers to and from endoscopies clinic (Altagamoa Al-Awal hospital)

After the establishment of the endoscopies clinic of the NCI in Altagamo Al-Awal, AFNCI took over transferring patients and workers to and from the clinics aiming to offer the best possible care to cancer patients. AFNCI provided for a bus fleet equipped to offer patients all means of comfort while transferring them to receive radiotherapy or to have endoscopies, in addition to transferring the clinics’ staff. The busses work from 8:30 am to 6 pm, making three rounds that transfer 25 to 30 endoscopy patients, 15 to 30 radiotherapy patients and 60 to 80 internal medicine patients.