The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI, carries on its support to 57357, setting up a new storage space for medical and operational supplies.

AFNCI continues to support  its most important project,  Hospital 57357 and its related expansion projects. As the number of children patients seeking 57357’s free quality services is increasing, the Hospital is expanding. It started with 180 beds, then 60 beds were added in Cairo branch besides opening the Tanta branch with a capacity of 60 beds. The Hospital had to also transform some administration rooms into patient rooms which made the Hospital in severe need for more storage area.

AFNCI has established a new storage space for the Hospital with an area of 1000 square meter over four floors for the cost of 5 million pounds within a period of less than two years. The space includes many storage areas such as:

  • Storage for the blood donors management unit
  • For laboratory supplies
  • For research department supplies
  • Chemical and alcoholic substances (in a separate floor)
  • Storage for the information technology department

These storage areas contribute to maintaining the provision of the hospital’s operational needs of supplies and keeping them in a place equipped to safeguard their validity for a long time. They also contribute to making available and safe the substances that are used to prepare medications where it can be saved for six months.