The National Cancer Institute in Fom Alkhalig

  • The Association’s office inside the National Cancer Institute, NCI

AFNCI’s office inside the NCI consists of staff and volunteers. It is opened daily except Fridays, to offer all means of help and support to the Institute’s patients. It helps patients through procedures and paperwork, replying to their inquiries, finding  room in the guesthouse for patients coming from faraway areas, as well as transferring patients to and from endoscopy clinics in Altagamoe, in addition to providing morale support throughout the treatment period.

The Association’s office is also responsible for organizing visits for groups or individuals, handing out gifts and toys to adults and children patients. It organizes birthday parties and trips to entertainment places and public parks for children.

  • The fifth floor library of the NCI

Pursuing to offer patients all means of comfort and to alleviate their suffering, the Association established a library on the fifth floor. Volunteers supported and pushed forward the implementation of the project. AFNCI fully equipped the library to become an oasis of distraction, specially for outpatients and their families during their long waiting hours. The library was equipped with air conditions, computers, TV’s, entertainment tools and toys. This is the area where birthdays and entertaining events are held. A team of workers take care of the library and the Association pays their salaries.

  • AFNCI provides a team of security personnel and affords their salaries

To ensure order and security and organize patients flow inside the NCI, AFNCI hired 44 security personnel to oversee the maintenance and security of NCI properties of buildings, equipment, medications, files and furniture. Security personnel are responsible for organizing the flow of patients, companions and visitors through the main gate, directing patients to their destination, and helping doctors in the out-patient clinics by organizing the waiting time and the entrance and exit of patients. Security personnel are strictly applying AFNCI’s instructions when dealing with patients and their relations and work hard to alleviate their burden and ensure their comfort. The Association is bearing the cost of salaries and uniforms of the security staff.   

  • Installing and maintaining NCI’s elevators

Besides affording the maintenance cost of the six elevators AFNCI has initially offered these elevators as a donation to the NCI. Furthermore,  the Association bears the cost of the salaries of the operation and maintenance staff. The elevators serve daily more than two thousand people including patients, healthcare staff and physicians.

  • Providing a bus fleet to transfer patients and workers (170 persons daily) to and from the institute’s branches since 2010
  • Sharing in offering chemotherapy for the institute’s patients
  • Offering CT scan equipment for the institute’s patients and developing operations rooms
  • Establishing the first clinical pharmacy in Egypt
  • Developing the pediatric department and establishing out-patient clinics for it
  • Sponsoring the design consultant of hospital 500 500 with 5 million dollars