Participating in the State’s initiative for eliminating hepatitis viruses

This program aims to decrease virus C infection rate to reach minimum world rates, so much so that Egypt would become a world model in treating hepatitis viruses

Pursuing to protect the health and wellbeing of Egypt’s sons, AFNCI plays a distinct role within the national initiative of treating virus C and eliminating the spread of the disease. This is done in collaboration with the State institutions and Long Live Egypt Fund, through offering comprehensive screening to all the society sectors to obtain realistic statistics for infected patients and facilitate the treatment stage.

According to the previously mentioned cooperation protocol, the Association operates Luxor center for virus C treatment in addition to conducting screening campaigns in villages and other areas.

Along with charity partners, companies and different institutions, AFNCI conducts hepatitis viruses screening for their employees for minimum cost in order to declare these institutions free of virus C while using the revenue to conduct screening in villages and needy areas for free.

NPlace of hepatitis viruses screening campaignNumber of patients
1Althaneya Hisgh School, screening campaign for mothers in Alsayeda Zeinab3140
2Pediatric Medicine Association, screening campaign for mothers in Alsayeda Zeinab143
3The Ministry of Education, screening campaign for workers1211
4The Green Island, screening campaign for the villagers of the Green Island132
5Algemaiza village, screening campaign in Algemaiza, Algharbeya289
6Screening campaign for Asmak restaurants142
7Screening campaign in the Faroes village20
8Screening campaign in Royal Company696
9Screening campaign in CIC University89
10Screening campaign for workers of the Islamic company for papers1135
11Screening campaign for electricity isolating company29
12Screening campaign for Venus company for cloths234
13Screening campaign for Egypt Dohler Company287
14Screening campaign for Al-Amaleka company for currency exchange55
15Screening campaign in the Egyptian stock exchange255
16Screening campaign for Algarhi Steel Group850
17Screening campaign for Export Development Bank of Egypt627
18Screening campaign for Emico Medical industries339
19Screening campaign for Med Right Company494
20Screening campaign for Carrefour Egypt3732
21Screening campaign for the company and libraries of Sameer & Ali554