AFNCI’s best wishes for the start of Ramadan

With the start of the holy month, AFNCI’s board of directors are sending their best wishes to all the charity partners.

A year has already gone during which we have had a number of accomplishments. Thanks to your generous giving, we are pursuing the hard work, noting that the Association’s main mission is to support Hospital 57357.

With your support we pursue our efforts to offer the quality care that children with cancer deserve, aiming to serve the largest possible number of sick children. The Association has completed the establishing and equipping of the pathology lab, and covering the cost of building the new PET-CT building in Hospital 57357. Currently, the Association is supporting the expansion of 57357’s emergency department, to enable this critical unit to overcome the challenges of an over- crowded department. Commitment to the best medical service and quality control contribute to saving our children’s lives, reducing the periods of their hospitalization, and raising survival rates.

Currently the Association is also supporting the expansion of the bone marrow transplantation unit from 9 to 27 rooms, which contributes to the recovery of a larger number of children.

The Association is placing booths in big malls and places that gather a large number of people to receive donations and make it easier on those who want to donate. More over the blood bank team will be present in mosques after the break of the fast for those who want to donate blood

We are inviting you to donate during, the month of giving, to contribute to offering the best medical care to 57357’s children.