With the start of the New Year, a blood donation drive by the staff of Kemet for Natural Food in favor of 57357’s children

With the first week of the year 2024, a blood donation drive was organized in coordination between AFNCI and Kemet for Natural Food. The drive was held in the company’s premises in Sixth of October City.

The drive was welcomed by Mr. Mahmoud Hassan, the company’s CEO, and Dr. Nihal Saeed, the company’s general manager, who joined the Association’s charity partners to contribute to realizing its goals, and to fulfill the Company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility.

It is noteworthy that Kemet for Natural Food is one of the leading companies in manufacturing organic food without using preservatives, such as children’s food, that for diabetic and liver patients, sports drinks and many of the naturally balanced food types.

Our gratitude to Kemet Co., specially Dr. Saeed, for being there and encouraging employees to participate in the drive, and our gratitude to all the employees for sharing in saving lives of 57357’s children.