In coordination with AFNCI, Golden Bake Group pursues its support to cancer patients with a blood donation drive

For the fourteenth year, our charity partner, Golden Bake Group pursues its continuous support to cancer patients by holding a blood donation drive in coordination with AFNCI.  The company’s employees shared with their blood to contribute to saving many lives of adult and children cancer patients.

Today, December 19, 2023, the blood donation drive was held in the Group’s premises in sixth of October City where AFNCI’s blood donor affairs department along with the medical team, moved to the premises. All the group staff shared in the drive headed by Eng. Beshir Elsherif, the group’s General Manager.

The drive was held in favor of cancer patients in the National Cancer Institute, to support their treatment and recovery journey.

It is noteworthy that Goden Bake Group is one of the leading companies in Egypt in manufacturing sweets and baked products. The Group’s administration is eager to continue their support and to organize blood donation drives regularly. AFNCI is expressing gratitude to Golden Bake management, employees and their factories’ staff for donating blood.