In coordination with AFNCI, Hikma Pharma pursues the charity with a blood donation drive in favor of 57357’s children

Within its pursuit to continue the charity journey it started with AFNCI, it held a blood donation drive in coordination with AFNCI’s blood donors’ affairs department. A large number of the company’s laborers and administrators shared in the drive.

It is noteworthy that Hikma Pharma for medications is one of the biggest medication companies in the Middle East, where its products reach 52 markets. It started the charity journey with AFNCI five years ago, through which several blood donation drives were coordinated in the company’s factories in October and Badr. Hence the company contributed to saving many cancer adults and children patients.

Thank you for the company’s staff who donated blood to save 57357’s children’s lives, and thank you for the company’s management for their keenness to pursue the charity cooperation