Upgrading the emergency department

When the Hospital was opened in 2007, we had two emergency rooms. In 2013 they became 7 rooms, but with the increasing capacity of the Hospital, emergency cases were multiplied 10 times, which resulted in a pressing need to overcome the challenges we face such as overcrowding of patients and families and delayed service provision. The emergency department receives monthly more than 2,000 patients with different types of tumor. This is considered a large number worldwide for a hospital specialized only in children’s cancer treatment.

The cost of upgrading may reach one million dollars, protecting our children’s lives is our real goal.

Upgrading the emergency department of the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt, 57357 includes

  1. Increasing the department capacity from 7 to 14 rooms
  2. Creating a smooth flow routing, which saves time for the patient’s journey in the department
  3. Increasing the waiting area
  4. Increasing the area of the heart resuscitation room
  5. Doubling the area of the isolated room (insulated rooms with filtered air)
  6. Suitable places to facilitate work for the team