Water and Electricity stations for the proton therapy

AFNCI through its Wedjat unit has implemented and provided for the construction of water and electricity stations required for the functioning of the proton therapy Equipment which is still not yet reached its installation site but due to arrive imminently. A separate building within the hospital’s grounds is allocated for the proton therapy which is planned to open its doors for treating patients by 2024 as the first of its kind in Egypt to offer this service for both children and adults. The uses of this type of treatment are more suitable for localized tumors including Central Nervous System tumors. The degree of safety of this treatment comes from the precision of the high-energy proton beams sent to target tumors more precisely than X-ray radiation while protecting the surrounded organs. The proton therapy has shown advanced treatment results around the world and will soon be adopted by the CCHE57357 as the first hospital. The advantages of the proton therapy that would offer a safe radiation treatment, especially compelling in the case of children with can.