The Landscape

The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative, AFNCI, took charge of the cost and implementation of a new landscape for the garden of the Hospital, especially after adding new buildings to the area (cyberknife and food court). The new landscape ensures an ideal distribution of green areas, and an adequate waiting space for patients and their families, as well as playing areas for entertaining the children, taking into account space for required services. Colors were coordinated to match the  colors and the external design  of the Hospital.

 Offering waiting areas for patients’ families in the garden alleviates crowding inside the Hospital’s building. A recent study from Texas University reveals that green areas around hospital buildings contribute to the speeding up of children’s recovery, especially after going through surgeries, as greenery helps in lifting up spirits and affects positively the sick child’s psychological condition and his response to cancer treatment. Moreover , green areas offer a healthy and agreeable entertaining space for patients and their families.