Great participation by Edita Co.’s employees to donate blood to 57357’s children

In coordination with AFNCI, Edita Co. held a blood donation drive in the company premises in favor of 57357’s children where a large number of employees rushed to donate blood. The drive resulted in a large number of blood bags that will meet a part of the needs of 57357’s blood bank and save sick children’s lives. During the drive, the employees bought charity money boxes and promised to visit the Hospital to donate the box savings in favor of our children’s treatment.

It is noteworthy that Edita is an Egyptian food industry Company that holds the biggest market share of five sectors of the light food market in Egypt. The Company is considered one of our charity partners for years, where it participated in the schools’ awareness campaigns that were conducted by AFNCI and Hospital 57357 through offering its food products. It also shared in 57357’s marathon that was held in Sharm Elsheikh by offering its products besides monetary donations.