Macro Pharmaceutical pursues its support to AFNCI with a blood donation drive in favor of cancer patients

Responding to the request of AFNCI’s blood donors’ affairs department, Macro Pharmaceutical Co. held a blood donation drive in the Company’s premises in favor of cancer patients in the National Cancer Institute, NCI. A large number of employees took part in it. The drive resulted in a large number of blood bags to meet a part of NCI’s blood bank needs.

It is noteworthy that Macro Pharmaceutical joined AFNCI’s charity partners in 2019 and since then it supports the Association by conducting a blood donation drive annually in favor of cancer patients and Hospital 57357’s children. The Company’s management saves no effort to respond to the Association’s invitation to hold a blood donation drive.

AFNCI is grateful to Eng. Wael Zakareya, Mr. Rami Helal and Mr. Alsayed Marei from the Company management for their cooperation to organize a successful drive and for facilitating the Association’s activity.

Our gratitude to all the Company’s employees for donating blood to save lives of hundreds of cancer patients.