On the occasion of the month of Ramadan, our best wishes to all AFNCI’s charity partners for a happy blessed month

AFNCI’s board of directors is wishing all our charity partners a happy blessed Ramadan. It is a real blessing that God has enabled us to celebrate once again the holy month along with kind hearted people who support us. Thanks to your support, the Association has pursued to achieve its goals throughout the years, and with the continuity of your support we will pursue our achievements to improve the healthcare offered to children and adult cancer patients.

Our donors have always been generous, despite the economic crisis the country is going through, which is affecting all sectors. Your generous donations enabled the Association to achieve the goals of the 57357 group. We were able to support many of Hospital 57357’s projects that contribute to the development and progress of the Hospital including the upgrading of the pathology lab, to offer quick and accurate results, the support to the establishment of the Cyberknife’s services and the radio imaging departments. Moreover, AFNCI  is contributing to cover part of the Hospital’s treatment and operation costs as it is facing a decline in donations as a result of the economic crisis.

In line with its mission to support Hospital 57357’s patients, the Association, through its charitable donors, is bearing the cost of expanding the bone marrow transplantation unit to increase the number of rooms from 9 to 27, aiming to eliminate the waiting list and save 57357’s children’s lives. The expanded unit is planned to be established within a year.

The Association is also enabling the offering of meals to 57357’s children and their accompanying family members, by sponsoring the cost of preparation of meals in 57357’s kitchen, which contribute to offering healthy nutrition to sick children. During Ramadan, the meal sponsorship is considered equal to the blessing received from offering an Iftar meal to a fasting person. AFNCI is inviting all charity partners to contribute to these charity programs, in order to support