Carrying on its support to AFNCI, Venus Industries and Assembly Co. hosts a blood donation drive.

Venus Industries and Assembly Co. pursues its support to AFNCI’s charitable goals by holding a blood donation drive in favor of 57357’s children, where the company promptly responded to the request of AFNCI’s blood donor affairs department. The drive was held in the Company’s premises in Sixth of October City, where employees and laborers rushed to donate blood.  Am Nasseh, the Company’s mascot, showed up to invite everyone to the Company’s clinic to donate blood. The drive resulted in a considerable number of blood bags to contribute to saving 57357’s children’s lives and meeting a part of the blood bank needs.

AFNCI Association is grateful to all the Company’s employees and specially those who came to the drive location to donate blood but their health condition prevented them. It is noteworthy that Venus Co. is one of the big companies in importing and exporting electrical and lighting materials in Egypt. Our gratitude to the Company’s management for the prompt response to save the lives of 57357’s patients.