Happy New Year from AFNCI to all its charity partners who donated blood to save the lives of cancer patients

Four Seasons Hotal, St. Stefano, Alexandria starts 2023 with a blood donation drive in favor of 57357’s children

With the start of the New Year, AFNCI’s staff and administrators express their gratitude to all blood donors who were generous with their blood to save the lives of cancer patients. Thanks to the multitude of donors throughout the years and those who joined them during 2022, we could offer hundreds of free of charge blood bags in favor of cancer patients of the National Cancer Institute, NCI, the Red Crescent and Hospital 57357. The work team of the blood donor affairs department exerted utmost efforts to coordinate and organize blood donation drives. Meanwhile they cannot but feel grateful to all those who responded rapidly and enthusiastically to their requests to donate blood. While following safety and high quality measures,  the work team knocked on doors of potential institutions to organize campaigns.

 Thank you to the heroes who rushed to donate blood, we wish them good health for the year 2023!

The first drive in the New Year was took place at the Four Seasons Hotel, St. Stefano, Alexandria, where it was organized by the blood donor affairs department of AFNCI’s blood donor affairs team who organized the drive is expressing gratitude to the Hotel’s management for their prompt response. The drive resulted in a good number of blood bags. The Hotel management and employees were invited to visit the children at Hospital 57357.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time for the Hotel to share in a blood donation drive to offer safe free blood to our children and contribute to their recovery.