In coordination with AFNCI, Vodafone Egypt institution supports 57357’s children with a blood donation

drive Yesterday, September6,2022 a blood donation drive was held on Vodafone Company premises in the smart village, in cooperation with AFNCI. The company employees shared in the campaign in favor of 57357’s children. The drive resulted in a large number of blood bags to contribute to meeting  part of 57357’s blood bank needs. The campaign is part of the cooperation protocol signed between the Association and Vodafone institution since 2017 to eliminate the cancer of ignorance, poverty and sickness. Through this protocol, Vodafone institution is extending support in many ways such as sponsoring  cancer awareness campaigns in schools, offering school bags to students and many other charity activities. It is noteworthy that this campaign will be followed, within the next few weeks, by other drives in the Company’s branches.

Our gratitude to Vodafone Egypt for the continuous support to save 57357’s children’s lives.