In coordination with AFNCI, the executive director and employees of Saib Bank donate blood in favor of 57357’s children

Today, June 10, 2022, a blood donation campaign was held in coordination between AFNCI’s blood donor affairs department and Saib Bank in favor of 57357’s children. The campaign was organised in Almohandeseen branch with the participation of Mr. Tarek Alkholi, the executive director, and the bank employees who hurried to save lives of children with cancer. Thanks to Ms. Salma Abu Elsoud, head of marketing department of the bank, who exerted efforts to organize the campaign that resulted in a good number of blood bags to meet a part of 57357’s blood bank needs.

It is noteworthy that Saib Bank have been a charity partner for many years, and is still contributing to 57357’s children’s treatment journey. Mr. Alkholi expressed his satisfaction with the campaign, which is the first for the bank, and expressed his desire to visit the Hospital to offer more support to our children.

AFNCI is expressing its gratitude to all our donors who contribute to saving lives of children and adult cancer patients.