In coordination between AFNCI and Abaza for trailers manufactoring, a blood donation campaign in favor of cancer patients

Within the framework of the support provided by our charity partners, AFNCI’s blood donor affairs department coordinated a blood donation drive at the premises of Abaza for trailers and transport manufacturing Co.

The campaign was held in favor of cancer patients in the National Cancer Institute, NCI. The company employees participated with a great turnout. The campaign was conducted in attendance of haj Hamad Eleisawi, the company director, who expressed his pleasure saying; “it is our duty towards cancer patients, we should help and support them as much as we can”

It is noteworthy that this is the second time for the company to participate in a blood donation drive in favor of AFNCI.  The campaign resulted in a large number of blood bags to meet a part of the needs of NCI patients.

Our gratitude for haj Eleisawi, for his enthusiasm and continuous support to offer a better chance of cure for cancer patients.