AFNCI is wishing a happy Eid to all charity partners while celebrating 15 years of operation of Hospital 57357, its biggest project

As the Islamic nation is celebrating Adha Eid, AFNCI’s board of directors are wishing all donors and charity partners a happy blessed Eid. This year, the Adha Eid coincided with the Association’s celebration of 15 years of operation of Hospital 57357, which is the Association’s first and biggest project.

As our charity partners  are continuously contributing with generous donations since the establishment of 57357 in  July 2007, their support is enabling the Hospital to provide quality care to children with cancer for free. Thanks to our donors, the Hospital which started with 180 beds expanded its capacity in Tanta and Cairo branches to 380 beds and 200 chairs in the daycare. Also, the Association was able to upgrade the Hospital’s pathology lab to offer the most accurate and fastest results, the capacity of the electricity station to guaranty safe operation of medical equipment and the running of new departments and ultimately  timely and efficient services.  A new medical waste chopper was also provided for the Hospital for safe waste disposal. The Association also supports the upgrading of the 57357 laundry, to protect the Hospital’s children from infection and offer them a safe healthy environment, which contributes to reducing children’s hospitalization period, consequently reducing waiting lists. 

The Association pursues its support to the cyberknife project in 57357, which is the latest radio-surgical technology that reduces the radiotherapy side effects and contributes to raising survival rates. Let us not forget the role of the Association in the provision of multiple services to improve the healthcare provided to cancer patients in the National Cancer Institute.

Nothing is better than the prayers of cancer adult and children patients for the support you offer them and the high quality healthcare they receive, may God bless you grant you a lovely Adha Eid!