On the occasion of world blood donor day at AFNCI

Tow blood donation campaigns by Intercome and Majorel Egypt companies in favor of the National Cancer Institute, NCI’s patients and Hospital 57357’s children. The campaigns were held in cooperation with AFNCI’s blood donor affairs department, on the occasion of world blood donor day as per requests of Majorel Egypt for digital solutions and Intercome communication platform. The campaigns were carried out within the premises of the two companies where employees hurried to donate blood to save cancer adult and children patients. The campaigns resulted in a big number of bags to contribute to meeting a part of the needs of blood banks of the NCI and 57357.

AFNCI’s blood donor affairs department coordinates and implements hundreds of blood donation drives in favor of cancer patients besides developing the activity of providing safe free blood for healthcare Institutes and Hospitals specialized in cancer treatment and pediatrics. AFNCI is also engaged in spreading awareness about the importance of regular blood donation among the Egyptian people.

Since the launching of the blood donor affairs department in 1999 up to the end of 2021, 7,593 blood donation drives were carried out enabling 367,507 donors from  different factories and companies to contribute with their blood donations to saving thousands of lives of adult and children cancer patients.

The WHO chose June 14 to express gratitude to millions of donors who contribute to saving and improving lives by donating their blood, and to highlight the importance of regular blood donation to meet the needs of hospitals especially in developing countries. According to the WHO, 65% of blood donations in the developing countries are offered to children aged less than 5 years.

On this occasion, AFNCI is thanking all its donors who have been contributing to saving lives of cancer adult and children patients.