Happy Eid to all our charity partners

With your support AFNCI pursues offering quality care to cancer adult and children patients

AFNCI and its board of directors are thanking all charity partners for supporting cancer patients during the holy month of Ramadan. As is the custom, the Association team met people of benevolence in different fundraising locations in clubs, shopping malls and big companies. Every day during Ramadan, we witnessed numerous examples of charitable giving by adults and children donors who shared with their allowances to enable better care of patients.

Thanks to our donors generosity, the Association was able to continue its support to cancer patients in the National Cancer Institute, NCI, and in Hospital 57357 which is the Association’s largest completed project. As such, AFNCI took care of the upgrade of 57357’s pathology lab to provide most accurate and rapid services, and supported the new electricity power station to guaranty safe running of medical equipment and new departments, which results in rapid performance and saving time which enables the Hospital an increase in capacity to meet the continuous increase in numbers of patients.

AFNCI also contributed for the provision of a new medical waste chopper for the Hospital to enable increased safety during waste disposal. The new chopper depends on advanced technology to convert wastes to dry material which makes it safer for the environment. Thanks to people of benevolence, the Association sponsored the upgrading of 57357’s laundry to protect children from infection and to ensure a clean healthy environment, which contribute to shortening the hospitalization period and reducing waiting lists.

The Association pursues its support to 57357’s cyberknife project, which is latest radiotherapy technology  that targets the tumor without damaging surrounding healthy cells  which contribute to improving patients’outcomes.

Nothing is greater than giving in times of crises to save a patient’s life and grant him hope in cure. With your support, thousands of patients will spend a happy Eid reassured that they are given the opportunity to access quality care and granted the possibility to hope for cure.