In coordination with AFNCI, a blood donation drive in Alshabrawishy Factory, in favor of 57357’s children

Alshabrawishy Factory for perfumes and cosmetics, in coordination with AFNCI’s blood donors’ affairs, organized a blood donation drive in favor of 57357’s children. A large number of the Factory’s employees, administrators and management participated in the drive, in attendance of Haj Haytham Nashaat Alridy, the factory owner. The campaign resulted in a big number of blood bags that will meet  part of the needs of Hospital 57357.

It is noteworthy that the departed Haj Sayed Alridy started his charitable contribution in 2013 with blood donation campaigns in favor of 57357’s children. Two drives are organized annually in addition to in-kind donations of sterilizers which contribute to protecting our children’s and employees’ health specially during the Corona pandemic.

AFNCI’s blood donors affairs takes over organizing blood donation campaigns to support cancer patients in the National Cancer Institute, NCI, Hospital 57357’s Cairo and Tanta branches, Cairo University hospitals and the Egyptian Red Crescent, which contribute to saving cancer patients’ lives and offering them better chance of