Two blood donation campaigns organized by AFNCI in favor of Hospital 57357 and National Cancer Institute’s patients

Within the framework of AFNCI’s continuous efforts to offer safe free blood to cancer children and adult patients, they coordinated for two blood donation campaigns towards the end of June. The first was to collect blood from the employees of ABCG for engineering consultations in favor of 57357’s children, and it resulted in a considerable number of blood bags. It is noteworthy that this is the second campaign that ABCG participates in, in favor of 57357’s blood bank. The campaign was coordinated by AFNCI’s blood donors affairs department and Eng. Sameer Sabri from ABCG, uncle of Dana, one of 57357’s children, which encouraged the company’s employees to share in the campaign.

Meanwhile, the second campaign was conducted at Algiza Cables Company in 6th of October city, in favor of the NCI as it spanned over last week and will continue for the next week. With the participation of all of the company’s employees, it resulted in a good number of blood bags.

AFNCI’s blood donors affairs department is continuously contributing  to the support of children and adults cancer patients.