Ramadan is back! at AFNCI, we rejoice and welcome the Holy Month

With your support we pursue our support for cancer children and adult patients

AFNCI board members wish all our charity partners a blessed holy month of Ramada. Thanks to your support the Association pursues the provision of more services aiming to improve care and treatment of cancer patients, in addition to supporting its largest project, Hospital 57357.

Despite the hard circumstances the country is going through since last Ramadan, it was important to fulfil our commitments towards cancer children and adult patients. With the support of our donors, we were able to attend to each patient waiting for support at the National Cancer Institute, NCI and in Hospital 57357, which contributed to improving patients’ outcomes and protecting the community from diseases.

In Ramadan, the charity month, you can be our giving partner to contribute to drawing a smile on a patient’s face by selecting one of the following donation programs;

“Care for parents” deed program through which the donor donates 1000 pounds to contribute to all the Association’s projects.

A vaccination certificate for a child who recovered from cancer where all the vaccinations would cost 750 pounds and you may partially share with 250 or 500 pounds

Offering a bed for a child with cancer in Hospital 57357 (ongoing sadaka)

Offering a smart solution pump such as infusion pump and syringe pump, for a child in 57357. The pump is one of the main devices needed for the provision of intravenous medication for patients that functions and is being monitored automatically to administer accurate medication doses according to pre- adjusted rate stored in the device. These pumps are essential for safeguarding patients’ lives especially in the intensive care unit where the patient may need more than one medication at the same time. The pump holder can hold up to 16 different medications, at the same time, according to patient’s needs.

Water purification deed for a family in Upper Egypt for 400 pounds. You will get a receipt as a donor who participated in the implementation of a water purification station that the Association contributed to establish.