AFNCI offers four “Bair Hugger” warming units for 57357’s operating rooms

Within its continuous pursuit to improve the care provided to cancer patients, AFNCI offered four Bair Hugger warming units for 57357’s operating rooms. Since it is important to preserve the patient’s natural temperature during complicated surgeries that need more time and effort, it was important to establish a warming system that helps carrying out the surgery successfully.

The Bair Hugger warming units filter air and then force warm air through Bair Hugger disposable blankets, which cover patients before, during and after surgery. Bair Hugger blankets are designed to use pressure points on the patient’s body to prevent heat from reaching areas at risk of pressure sores or burns. The blankets also include drain holes where fluid passes through the surface of the blanket to linen underneath, which is supposed to reduce the risk of skin softening and reduce the risk of unintended cooling because of heat loss by evaporation. Bair Hugger blankets are disposable to reduce the chance of infection transmission from one patient to another.

As a main part of its mission to offer the best quality care to children with cancer for free, AFNCI continuously supports Hospital 57357 and its expansion projects.