“Thank you” from AFNCI to all our charity partners

With your support we are able to cross all crisis and pursue our efforts to support cancer patients in the New Year

Last year with all of its exceptional circumstances is finally over and with the advent of 2021, we look forward to be able  to pursue our goals of protecting Egyptians’ health and providing more support for children and adult cancer patients.

Throughout the last year we faced many challenges as a result of the Corona crisis that affected the whole world and caused a sharp decline in donations. Nonetheless, thanks to the continuing support of our charity partners, we were able to still deliver our services to cancer patients at the National Cancer Institute, NCI, and Hospital 57357. AFNCI administration expresses its sincere gratitude to all its supporters who enabled the offering of quality care to cancer patients.

During the elapsed year we pursued the provision of our support in different areas: the provision of chemotherapy for NCI to cancer patients,  blood donation campaigns in favor of patients in the NCI, Hospital 57357, Cairo Universities’ hospitals and the Egyptian Red Crescent, to collect safe blood for cancer patients.

Hospital 57357 is AFNCI’s biggest projects as it established and equipped it and it continues supporting it through different activities including its expansion schemes.

AFNCI’s support included the following :

  • Provision of sanitation and sterilization products since the beginning of the Corona crisis.
  • Establishing the treatment building A, which consist of 11 floors, to increase the Hospital’s capacity and enable hosting more children. The building includes 30 in-patient rooms with 40 beds
  •  Up- grading and equipping 57357’s pathology lab and adding new labs to the department one of which is the first of its type in Egypt and the Middle East, to contribute to more accuracy in diagnosis.
  •  Funding 15 devices to measure 57357’s children’s vital functions

In 2020, the Association celebrated the opening of a water purification station in Deshna Center, Qena Governorate, to serve a population of 65,000, for the cost of 20 million pounds. This is within the framework of its proactive efforts to protect the health of Egyptians health and fight pollution sources.

  • To continue its campaign that started in 2016, the Association offered school bags for students of 35 schools in the governorates of Cairo, Alqalioubeya and Suhag. 8191 needy students in elementary and preparatory schools in the three governorates received school bags that contain school stationary and health awareness booklets.
  • Moreover, 2020 witnessed a number of memoranda of understanding and cooperation protocols between the Association and other organizations such as companies and factories, aiming to support us in overcoming the Corona crisis and pursue our goals of supporting cancer patients.

Best wishes from AFNCI and a happy New Year to all our charity partners and supporters.