AFNCI supports 57357’s pathology lab intensive care unit by providing five new equipment

Within the framework of AFNCI’s support to the 57357 group and its expansions, the Association took over establishing and equipping the Hospital’s pathology lab to contribute to the provision of high quality medical services to our children. To pursue its support the Association offered the Hospital lately two thermal cycler PCR devices. The two devices’ function is to multiply the number of DNA through changing the temperature to identify the genetic mutations that lead to the disease. This is in addition to a third device, gel electrophoresis with power supply thermal, that separate DNA’s different particles and proteins depending on their size and charge.

The Association also provided two ultrasonic nebulizer to be used in the intensive care to convert liquid medications to vapor that the patient can inhale to open up the lung’s bronchial tubes It is noteworthy that Hospital 57357 is the Association’s biggest projects where it built and equipped it. The Association is still supporting the Hospital as one of its most important aspects of its mission is to provide best quality medical care for children with cancer in addition to supporting future projects of the 57357 group.