AFNCI pursues its support to 57357: Providing medications and sterilization supplies to protect sick children and the Hospital staff

In support to Hospital 57357, its biggest project, AFNCI offers sterillium to the Hospital for more protection of children and staff against any infection. The Association is pursuing to provide all needed supplies in storage enabling g the Hospital to sustain the provision of the best medical services to children. Through one of its donors, the Association has been able to provide medications for the Hospital for five million pounds.

It is noteworthy that the Association had established and equipped the Hospital’s new four floors storage building on an area of 1000 square meters for a cost of five million pounds. The new building comprises many storage areas such as:

– storage area for the blood transfusion unit

– labs supplies

– researches department’s supplies

– a whole floor for dangerous chemicals and alcohol materials

– medical supplies

– information technology department storage

 These storage areas contribute to securing the supply of Hospital’s medical and operational needs, by storing it in a suitable environment to maintain its validity for a long time. They also contribute to storing and maintaining materials used in  drug preparation in a safe environment to cover the Hospital’s needs for six months.

With your support we will pursue offering high quality medical services to adult and children cancer patients to contribute to raising survival rates.