Our wishes for a happy blessed Ramadan, from AFNCI.

AFNCI’s board of directors is wishing all our charity partners a happy blessed Ramadan. With your support, the Association pursues its achievements to improve  healthcare provided to cancer adult and children patients.

Since last Ramadan, our generous donors pursued their giving to the Association despite the difficult time the country is going through due to the world economic crisis and the Corona pandemic. During the past year, AFNCI’s main goal was to stand by the 57357 group, where it supported many of Hospital 57357’s projects that directly contribute to operating the Hospital and providing the best care and services for children with cancer, such as: The automated pathology lab as the Association took over the cost of its establishment and equipping. Moreover, AFNCI contributed to covering  part of the Hospital’s treatment and operation costs, as 57357 suffered from a decline in donations. The Association also supported the upgrade of Hospital 57357’s electricity station to increase its capacity so as to service the operation of all departments efficiently and safely and protect the equipment and computers.

Furthermore, the Association participates in affording a new medical waste chopper for the Hospital so it can safely dispose of hazardous wastes, which is one of the priorities of the Hospital. As years pass, and the number of patients increase,  medical wastes also increase, and it becomes a necessity to buy a new chopper with advanced technology, to enable more safe waste disposal. The new chopper chops and sanitizes medical wastes after collecting and classifying it without emission of environmental harmful substances. Also, AFNCI supported the upgrading of 57357 laundry, as the laundry service guaranties the  provision of a clean safe environment to our children to protect them from infection.

The Association sponsored 3 automatic injection devices to be used for the PET/CT and cyberknife. It is noteworthy that the cyberknife is an advanced technology for surgical radiotherapy that reduces the radiotherapy side effects to the minimum, where it directs radiation to the tumor with high precision, which reduce the exposure of surrounding tissues to radiation.

We are grateful for the support of all of our charity partners without which the Association would not be able to pursue its mission of supporting cancer patients in the National Cancer Institute and Hospital 57357.

Our wishes for a blessed Ramadan to all  our donors.